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Commission a Portrait

A commissioned "Portrait in Oil" is an heirloom that captures a depth of tone and expression unique unto itself.

It is Museum Quality Art that will endure for generations to come. A portrait celebrates life by illuminating a special moment in time, a meaningful relationship, or by honoring an important achievement.

5x7, 8x10, or 11x14 portraits (shown above) are sweet sizes that capture the face of someone you love. These portraits are painted in a more spontaneous looser style, are completed in a matter of days, (once your portrait is started) and are offered at a lower price point. Currently  these small portraits start at $350-$600.  Prices listed do not include sales tax or shipping.  

The portraits below are very refined and the process may take weeks or even months to complete.  The price structure listed below is a framework to give you an idea and will be tailored to your specific requests.  Susan is always happy to discuss the process and answer questions.

Head, torso & Hands: Start at $2000 for simple backgrounds and up to $4500 for very complex backgrounds.

             Approximately: 30"x24"

These pricing examples form a framework that can be tailored to each client. There are many other options and price points to explore. Please call or email if a portrait is something you are interested in adding to your collection.

Full Length: Adult starts at $4000 for 60"x36" and $3600 for 48"x24"

Full Length: Child starts at $3000 


Head and Shoulders: Start at $1500 for plain backgrounds up to $3500 for very complex backgrounds

Approximately: 24"x18"

​Each added subject is an additional 50% of set fee

An added pet is an additional 25%.

Prices may vary depending on the complexity of the background.  


Pricing information for pet portraits and other custom art is further down on this page.

Commissioning a portrait is easy.


Feel free to call (918)230-6273 or email with any questions.  If you decide to proceed, a meeting time and place will be determined.

The first visit will be a 1-2 hour photo session to capture poses and assess skin tones.  Your vision is an important part of this experience and the collaboration will be an exciting part of the experience. At this time a portrait contract and 50% payment will be completed.

In the studio a mock up of several ideas will be completed and emailed to you.

Once an idea is agreed up the painting of your one of a kind timeless heirloom will begin!

Pet and Structure Portraits

Pet portraits with simple backgrounds range from $350 to $1800 in price and roughly 8"x10" to 36"x24".  Additional subjects in the same portrait are 50% of set fee. More complex backgrounds will affect the price.

Sample pricing for non-human portraits:

Poodle 36"x24" oil  $1500.00

Vizsla 24"x12" oil  $700.00

14"x14" Terrier Mix $500.00

House shown here 11"x14" $500.00

Sailboat as shown 16x8 $500.00

12"x9" Head & Shoulders only $350


These pricing samples apply to structures or pets with similar backgrounds.  More complex backgrounds will affect the price. Shipping cost is not included. Additional subjects add to price. 

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