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​Art is in Susan's DNA. Past and present aunts, uncles, cousins have all been active in the art scene, including her grandmother who worked for J.C. Hall of the original Hallmark Cards in Kansas City, Mo.  

Susan has been a professional artist in Oklahoma since 1993. In January 2019 Susan returned to her Missouri roots, moving to the St. Louis area.


Graphite portraits were her focus at the start of her career. In the late 90's she began six years of studying Oil painting with Tulsa based artist Ross Meyers, and was hooked. Susan has painted countless portrait commissions including several public portraits. Portraits will always be a part of her offering along with the many other subjects she now paints.

As a college student Susan studied a wide variety of arts.  Her degree encompassed not only fine artwork, but dance, choreography, stage, costume, lighting and set design.  Susan studied and performed all forms of dance. Her coursework included anatomy, kinesiology and bio-mechanics which she believes  tapped into how her brain works. Susan visualizes movements frozen in time creating art that is alive.


Susan hopes to bring some of her Oklahoma experience to her new works and strives to create art that depicts real life experiences which elicit the joy of living.


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